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Monthly lease rate: $550 - $780/mo. 

$150 deposit Req.

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If you currently work in a salon/shop where you:

  • Have to compete for clientele with multiple workers that all offer your same services
  • Work in an impersonal chain salon environment that prohibits clientele building
  • Earn a low hourly wage with no ability to substantially increase your income
  • Work in a non professional environment, inhibiting the comfort of you or your clientele
  • Pay a high rental rate, reducing your net earnings

Then I invite you to bring your talents and passion in joining our establishment! Dominick's Online Shop is a recently relocated, unisex Salon/Shop that features:

  • Providing a modern, clean, relaxed environment with ZERO Competition
  • Located near HWY 50 at the epicenter of shopping, schools, neighborhoods and county offices with thousands of employees needing your services
  • Featuring you as the exclusive professional of your practice within the Salon/Shop
  • Providing you the platform to completely control and manage your businesses YOU see fit
  • Be featured on our Website with your own mobile booking app, allowing your clientele to set an appointment with you 24/6 - 365 from their device
  • Beautiful Client reception area with available snacks, refreshments and entertainment
  • Enjoy a breakroom with full kitchenette, and peace of mind with CCTV security monitoring your workplace
  • Common, semi-private and shared work areas are available to choose from
  • Operating expenses (water, electricity, salon furniture, software etc) included
  • VERY affordable rental rates starting at $550/ mo. Full time with no contracts

Why lose up to 40% or more on commission based employment?

Many are sold on the "safety" of being an employee, and discouraged from becoming an entrepreneur through leasing your workspace. You were told that there are far too many pitfalls by building your own brand and controlling your own financial growth. Ironically though, you've watched the salon owner enjoying countless benefits by doing the EXACT same thing you've been warned about. Most noticeably making thousands of dollars off of the hard work of you and your co-workers.

The focus at Dominick's Online Shop is creating a platform where you can build an amazing business and enjoy the many benefits that come with controlling your own success. Work directly with your clientele to create your own optimal schedule. Make AND KEEP 100% of your earnings as well as many more countless benefits. 

The logic is simple. If you're successful, Dominick's Online Shop is successful. Right now, you can take advantage of incredible incentives and assistance with rental costs that will allow you to prosper as a business owner. 


  • Punctuality is key. Must be able to adhere to the schedule you set
  • Professionalism is paramount. We specialize in servicing the business clientele and families of our community who expect an exceptional experience

Job Type: Full-time

Required license or certification:

  • Cosmo, Barbering, Esthetician, Makeup, Braiding


No Internet Connection